JP Morgan 2023 – Michelle Longmire

Live from JP Morgan Week 2023

On his last day in San Francisco for JP Morgan 2023, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock connected to Michelle Longmire, CEO of Medable, at the Grand Hyatt hotel. 

In this video, Jonah and Michelle talk about decentralised clinical trials, how they blew up during the pandemic, and why they’re sticking around – including early data Medable is seeing on the benefits of these new digital-enabled trials. 

They also discuss clinical trial diversity and how decentralised trials can help companies meet those goals as well. And they look ahead to the future of clinical trials, and what data and modelling can do.  

Tune in for an interesting look at the changing world of clinical trials, from the perspective of one of the companies on the forefront of that change. 

Watch the full interview below and stay tuned for more from JP Morgan 2023.