The Rise of Influencer Marketing: How Patient Leaders Bring Value to Campaigns

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Social health—the dynamic, real-time action people take to find meaningful connections and share information that impact the health journey—has dramatically shifted the ways in which healthcare marketers can, and should, reach their desired audiences. In fact, 95% of respondents to a recent Health Union survey – all living with chronic health conditions – said they use social resources for health purposes.

What makes social health resources so appealing for people with chronic health conditions is the ability to connect directly with real people who understand their perspectives and experiences with specific conditions. Patients leverage social health platforms to share their experiences and connect with others.

In doing so, patient leaders have developed relationships with others who share their condition experiences and garnered an immense amount of trust for their authenticity, openness and dedication to making a difference. As a result, they are viewed as significant, important and influential voices in their communities.

Partnering with patient leaders on influencer marketing campaigns represents a significant opportunity for healthcare marketers to reach socially engaged health audiences who are increasingly difficult to reach through traditional media & marketing channels.

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Health Union

9 August, 2022