Latest Developments in RNA Delivery Mechanisms


SMi’s 11th annual RNA Therapeutics conference will take place in London on 18th – 20th February. This year’s event will explore the latest discoveries in oligonucleotide-based therapeutics, novel mRNA technology, immunotherapy and vaccines. Developments in delivery mechanism technologies will feature as a key topic.

Researchers have seen promising results related to major challenges in the field of delivery mechanisms. RNA Therapeutics 2020 will feature expert presentations related to overcoming these challenges, including, intracellular delivery, stability and immune response activation.

Presentations highlighting Delivery Mechanisms include:
Optimising Nanoparticle Mediated Delivery of siRNAs to Treat Cancer and Fibrosis
– David Evans, CSO, Sirnaomics, Inc

Design of Safe and Potent Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
– Pete Lutwyche, CTO, Genevant Sciences

Overcoming Lung Barriers to siRNA Delivery in Cystic Fibrosis through Tailored Lipid/Polymer Hybrid Nanaparticles
-Francesca Ungaro, Associate Professor, University Of Napoli Federico Ii

Aiming at Delivering RNA to Tumours Using Intra-Venous Injections
– Steve Pascolo, Founder and CEO, Miescher Pharma

RNA Therapeutics 2020 will feature presentations by more than 18 industry leaders. In addition to delivery technologies, experts will cover topics, such as, clinical translation, applications of RNA-based drugs for modulation of gene and protein expression and genome editing.

The brochure is available to download here.

RNA Therapeutics
Focus Day: 18th February 2020
Conference: 19th – 20th February 2020
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

Sponsored by:
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