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More Congresses are becoming virtual, but the question our clients have about this move is how do you replicate some of the real-world interactivity you would experience in a physical Congress?

To be specific, how do you share and assimilate your collective thoughts on the various abstracts and presentations you see, given that you are all sitting at different locations, sometimes in different time zones, accessing the virtual Congress? How do you include KOL/Expert viewpoints on key content?


We designed our Eagle Eye platform to solve these specific pains.


The Feedback portal enables anyone in your team to provide structured and free-text feedback on any Congress activity they are viewing online, from wherever they are. You can even prioritise and rank key content for others to take note.


An equivalent portal enables External Experts (who have been contracted specifically for this research) to provide their structured and free-text feedback on abstracts, posters, etc. as well.


So, everyone has a real-time view of all feedback and insights (internal and external), all in one place, all integrated and ready for reporting at the touch of a button.


The Analytics portal gives you a detailed scientific analysis of each competitor product abstract and poster, right down to key messages and themes being communicated. You can explore this in tandem while navigating through competitor activity at the Congress.


Taken together, these functions enable you to harness the power and insights from a collective Congress experience, even though you may not be all together at the same place at the same time.


Just drop us a line if you’d like to know more about how our EagleEye platform can help your virtual Congress experience.


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