Maximising Virtual Advisory Board Platforms

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What else can we do to capitalise further on the Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) premise, given that their benefits are clear and that they should now be considered a normal part of the mix when engaging KOLs and HCPs?

Based on what our clients and KOLs tell us after using our SkyBoard VAB platform, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Beyond their traditional “advisory” function, VABs can also work well as a platform for HCPs to consume interactive education or training – create content, mix in slides with videos, add in polls and other interactive features, enable discussion and commentary, and add in live Zoom/WebEx video sessions at set times (e.g. live Q&A with the KOL content author/trainer) to create an engaging experience. And it’s all infinitely scalable – create one educational/training Skyboard event and engage 10 or 1000 participants through multiple sessions at marginal cost.


  1. Global clients have discussed using our SkyBoard VAB for “internal” use – given the challenges they face with affiliates in different time zones, an internal VAB could provide an interesting channel to get affiliate feedback, collect comments, discuss key issues, etc. And ideally it should be as easy to set up, run, and analyse as a Survey Monkey* survey (Yes, the working title of the “SkyBoard for internal use” tool we are currently building is called SkyBoard Monkey!).


  1. What happens after a typical VAB finishes? You collate all the results and then share it with others in your organisation, hoping they will read it and act on it. But imagine, if after a SkyBoard VAB event has finished, you then open the event in a “Results Mode” to your colleagues within your organisation. So, they can now see the results of the original event, read what KOLs have said in discussions, look at graphs, and even add their own comments (e.g. “this issue mentioned above by KOL x is especially important in my country”). So, in effect, you have an “internal” virtual advisory board event to discuss the results of the actual virtual advisory board event. Neat.

(*many other survey tools are available)

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