Kristin Milburn joins Healthware Group as Global Head of Digital Health Partnerships

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We are pleased to announce Kristin Milburn has joined Healthware Group as Global Head of Digital Health Partnerships. In this key new role, Kristin will lead and continue to build upon Healthware Group’s mission to foster strategic partnerships between start-ups, biopharma companies, technology firms and others within the burgeoning digital health ecosystem.

She will be based in New York City, US.

Kristin has a unique breadth of experience, from digital marketing and consulting, to launching major pharmaceutical and packaged goods brands targeting consumers and healthcare professionals alike.

With time spent on both sides of the aisle, at Novartis representing the interests of biopharma, to the start-up side at Headspace, Kristin has been focused on forging strategic partnerships across the digital health ecosystem for years. In 2017, she was recognized by Medical, Marketing & Media as one of the top 40 healthcare transformers described as "...perfectly suited for... (and) an exceeding articulate evangelist" for her work in the field of digital health transformation.

Healthware was created over 20 years ago based upon a recognition of the anticipated convergence of healthcare + software”, says CEO & FounderRoberto Ascione. With the surging growth of digital health and more specifically, the field of digital therapeutics, that convergence continues and it’s clear that strategic partnerships will continue to play a vital role in advancing the field of digital health and digital therapeutics. Kristin’s experience is perfectly suited to help nurture and grow key partnerships as Healthware Group continues to grow and expand within digital health.

With regards to her new role, Kristin Milburn states,

From CVS and Sleepio to OneDrop and Bayer, to Happify and Sanofi, every day more and more strategic partnerships are being born between various players in the digital health ecosystem and will continue to be an important aspect of growth in this nascent but rapidly growing field. I couldn’t be more excited to help continue to foster those relationships for Healthware Group and their clients.

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Antonietta Pannella

29 October, 2019