Key Questions To Boost Your KOL Management – Part 4/8: Mindset Mapping

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KOL Management is a broad term that, in our minds, refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging, and interacting with KOLs. From beginning to end. In this series of articles, we address the key questions to ask at every step of the cycle to ensure that your KOL Management is focussed, compliant, mutually beneficial, and of real scientific value.


What’s The Relationship Between Mindset Benchmarking And KOL Management?


Going beyond a “regular profile” to understand and benchmark KOLs’ attitudes, beliefs, and sentiments towards drugs, data, and disease issues can significantly help the development of your KOL Management strategy and plans.


To help you get there, ask yourself these questions:


  • Have you mapped the scientific mindset and beliefs of your KOLs?
  • Have you established a mindset benchmark of your KOLs against which future changes can be compared, including the effects of market events and your initiatives?
  • Are you aware of their views on critical issues, and where they stand on key topics pertinent to your medicine?
  • Do you know why your KOLs think the way they do — what data and evidence are driving their views about issues in the marketplace? And how close are they aligned to such thinking?
  • Have you assessed their alignment with your scientific platform, story, and messaging; a critical part of future KOL Management strategy?


By addressing the questions above, you can make KOL Management decisions that rely less on faith and luck, and more on instinct and facts.


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11 March, 2020