Interview with OnDigitalHealth Consulting


SMi is delighted to present the launch of the Disruptive Technologies in Pharma conference taking place on the 20th – 21st January 2020, in London. The conference aims to explore topics in relation to big data and machine learning and how it transitions into the digital realm with new and innovative technologies implemented in pharma. Disruptive Technologies in Pharma conference will provide industry leaders with the unique opportunity to hear first-hand how the pharmaceutical industry is being shaped by developments in AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain, while newer categories such as Prescription Digital Therapeutics begin to offer truly disruptive benefits.

As the event draws closer, SMi had a discussion with Chairman Karl Hess, Managing Director, OnDigitalHealth Consulting regarding his views and expectations on the conference and on the current developments within the industry.

Karl Hess is a digital health and population health management platform ecosystem builder, leader, investor and evangelist, as well as a subject matter expert on the topics of successful digital health business models, commercialization, investment and technologies, having interacted directly with hundreds of digital health companies over the last 10 years. Karl is currently Founding Managing Director of OnDigitalHealth Consulting, LLC, a specialized strategy consulting firm which he founded to serve the burgeoning and rapidly diversifying digital health industry.

Snapshot of Karl’s Interview:

What is your background in disruptive technologies and how do you contribute to driving healthcare disruption with your everyday work?

“Well, with over 25 years in the healthcare and life sciences industries, the majority of which were focused on innovation and value creation, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different things. I’ve worked with and for hundreds of companies in the space, helping to develop and commercialise solutions across software, hardware, SaaS / PaaS, cloud, healthcare information technology (HIT), digital health, population health management (PHM), interoperability, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), wearables, remote patient monitoring (RPM), telemedicine, clinical decision support (CDS), Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, pharmaceuticals…”

What do you consider as drivers of digital transformation and why do you think there is a need for such changes in the global healthcare landscape?

“Several factors come to mind, including the rapid pace of technological innovation, which has greatly impacted the availability of data – coming from a myriad number of sources today – and the handling, management, storage of and access to this data…”

Featured speakers include:

  • Joseph Dalton, Global Lead Digital Health Solutions and Medical Outcomes, Novartis
  • Umair Aslam, e-Health Lead, MSD
  • Dr Andrew Bate, Senior Director, Analytics Team Lead, Pfizer
  • Bhushan Bonde, Head of IT – Early Solution Innovation Development, UCB
  • Vladimir Anisimov, Principal Data Scientist, Amgen
  • Jessica Shull, European Lead, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

For the full interview and event details with the complete speaker line-up, the brochure is available to download on the website

Disruptive Technologies in Pharma

20th – 21st January 2020, London, UK