Formedix Expedites Clinical Trial Build with New Cloud Clinical MDR Suite

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Glasgow, UK – (March 29, 2021) – Formedix, a leading provider of clinical trial software solutions, announces the launch of ryze, an innovative all-in-one cloud-based clinical metadata repository (MDR) and study automation platform. ryze has been specifically developed to accelerate and streamline the design, build and submission of clinical trials, in compliance with the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and NCI Controlled Terminology.

As a fully-integrated software suite, ryze enables the design and build of the full spectrum of case report forms (CRFs), study data tabulation models (SDTMs) and analysis data models (ADaMs), while also automating SDTM mappings and conversions. Built with compliance at its core, the platform features metadata templates with embedded CDISC standards and NCI Controlled Terminology. This enables pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO organizations to effortlessly meet their regulatory objectives. Importantly, ryze facilitates metadata standardization, expediting clinical trial set up, enabling data reuse, and improving data quality and consistency.

“Time is of the essence when it comes to clinical trials,” explains Kevin Burges, Head of Product Management at Formedix. “Designing and managing metadata in accordance with stringent regulatory requirements can significantly delay the whole process. Over recent decades, these challenges have triggered a notable shift from manual, labor-intensive paper-based clinical trial set-up processes to digitized approaches that can help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO organizations with their strive to make a difference to patients’ lives. As an all-in-one cloud-based platform, ryze simplifies end-to-end metadata management and fosters cross-collaboration between stakeholders. Ultimately, the platform provides significant time and cost savings, facilitating faster delivery of new therapies.”

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ryze is the only platform that allows seamless integration with a wide selection of leading electronic data capture (EDC) systems, including support for the individual functionality of each system. As such, clinical data professionals can use ryze to design CRFs and make any necessary changes before automatically exporting the designs into the EDC of their choice to build their clinical trial. As a result, clinical trial build can take as little as 6 weeks.

Furthermore, ryze is a commercial off-the-shelf system, meaning it is available for use immediately and can be rapidly configured to meet specific application needs.

SDTM conversion is enabled at the click of a button, significantly reducing time-to-data and providing clinicians instant visibility of patient data as soon as it starts flowing in from the EDC system. This allows clinicians to gain actionable data insights to drive well-informed, data-based decision making. Owing to this unique capability, an early release of ryze has already been used with great success to rapidly roll-out COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

More information about the ryze is available here:

 About Formedix

Formedix is a specialist developer of a clinical metadata repository (MDR) and study automation platform, designed to enable the rapid set-up of clinical trials, in compliance with the requirements of the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). The company has more than two decades of experience in CDISC standards development and has contributed to the creation of the CDISC ODM, Define and Dataset-XML models. Formedix is on the CDISC Data Exchange Standards team and its clinical MDR is currently being used by the organization to design and manage their CDASH eCRF standards. For more information, please visit




4 May, 2021