Move over CAR-T: The potential of NK cells in cell therapy

pharmaphorum podcast Episode 126

The early successors in cell therapy have mostly been CAR-T therapies, with the T standing for T-cells. But T-cells aren't the only option for cell therapy. Promising work is being done with natural killer, or NK cells, a different kind of immune system cell that could work even better in some ways.

On today’s podcast, Dr Fred Aslan, CEO of Artiva Biosciences, joins host Jonah Comstock to talk more about this newer avenue in cell therapy. They discuss the potential of NK cells to provide effective allogeneic cell therapy, the potential of the therapy in auto-immune disease, and the importance of a robust manufacturing process that can get a high number of doses from a small amount of donated tissue.

Aslan also discusses how NK cell therapy can work in conjunction with monoclonal antibodies to produce an even more effective therapy. He also takes a step back to look at what the future of cell therapy could look like.

Tune in for an informative conversation on the leading edge of cell therapy.

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