CAR-TCR 2023 – Greg Deener

Greg Deener at CAR-TCR

In late August, pharmaphorum traveled to Boston to cover CAR-TCR, a conference dedicated to the fast-moving cell therapy space.

In today’s video, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock chats with Greg Deener, CEO of iCell Gene Therapeutics. Deener discusses why his company – like many others – is heading to China to develop its new cell therapies, taking advantage of the country’s lower regulatory barrier to entry.

Deener also talks about what the company is starting to see in their early trials, including their work in immunology, one of the frontiers of cell therapy research. He explains why they see autoimmune as a natural next step, even before solid tumour.

They also chat more broadly about some of the challenges ahead for cell therapy around manufacturing and scale, and the exciting potential of “fast CARs”, allogeneic therapies, and even in vivo therapies.

Check out the video – and many more in the weeks to come – for some first-hand insights into this groundbreaking therapeutic modality.