ASCO 2024 - Andree Amelsberg

Andree Amelsberg at ASCO 2024 and Jonah Comstock

At ASCO 2024 last month, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock caught up with Dr Andree Amelsberg, SVP of global and US medical affairs at Eisai, to chat about what the company was sharing at the conference.

In the video below, Amelsberg describes some new data from the CLEAR study looking at lenvatinib plus pembrolizumab in renal cell cancer and how that data on biomarkers and progression will help inform treating physicians.

He also discusses some of Eisai’s other research at the conference, including on ADCs, and talks about the benefits of partnering with other companies to bring drugs to market. Finally, Comstock and Amelsberg talk about one of the biggest overall trends at the show: the rising importance of personalised treatment and the biomarkers and diagnostics necessary to make that personalisation a reality.

Check out the video below for the whole conversation from the show floor in Chicago.