ASCO 2023 – Mark Reisenauer

ASCO 2023 Mark Reisenauer

As we approach the last of our exclusive coverage of ASCO 2023, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock speaks with Mark Reisenauer, president of US commercial at Astellas.

Mark gives an update on some of Astellas’s abstracts at the show, including the trials in gastric cancer, bladder cancer, and head and neck cancer. He discusses Astellas’s business and its priority focus on treatments for patients who have historically had few, if any, options. Mark and Jonah also discuss some of the most exciting areas of development in oncology, including a zoom-in on targeted protein degradation and its ability to help zero in on hard-to-reach targets.

Finally, they discuss the US Inflation Reduction Act and why the cost provisions around small molecules are especially troubling in the oncology space, given the way pharma companies practice incremental development, gradually trialling the same drug in new indications. Note, this video was recorded before the IRA lawsuits began.

Tune in below for an interesting and far-reaching discussion from the ASCO floor.