ASCO 2023 – Corina Dutcus

ASCO 2023 Corina Dutcus

At ASCO 2023 last week in Chicago, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock caught up with Dr Corina Dutcus, SVP clinical development at Eisai US, to talk about the CLEAR trial, one of Eisai’s major abstracts being presented at the show.

The presentation was a four-year update on the survival analysis of patients being treated with a combination of Lenvima, a TKI, and Keytruda for advanced renal cell carcinoma. This combination of drugs reduced risk of death by 21% and led to a 2.5% increase in progression-free survival.

Jonah and Corina discuss the science behind the results and touch on some of the other trends present this year at ASCO. Check out the video below for more.