ASCO 2023 – Arun Krishna

ASCO 2023

With a 51% reduction in deaths, AstraZeneca’s ADAURA trial was one of the breakout stories of this year’s ASCO.

In Chicago, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock was able to sit down with AstraZeneca's head of lung cancer commercial, Arun Krishna, to dive in a little bit on this practice-changing study.

Arun explains some of the results of the trial and answers Jonah’s question about the difference between these two endpoints and why overall survival is so much more important than disease-free survival to convince providers to use a new therapy.

They also discuss more broadly some of the trends from the show, including personalised medicine, reducing toxicity, and the importance of biomarker testing. And they touch on the effects of digital technology and AI in the oncology space, and the importance of health equity.

Check out the video for some explanations and perspectives on some of the big news out of ASCO.