Politecnico di Milano, Healthware team up to offer executive programme in digital health


MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university, is partnering with Healthware Group, a digital health consultancy (and pharmaphorum’s parent company) to launch a new executive programme aimed at providing digital health literacy and education to life sciences executives, as well as to the startup community.

The five-month program will begin in June of this year and is currently accepting applications. It will culminate onsite at Frontiers Health Global Conference 2022 in Milan. It will be primarily digital and offered in English. The program is aimed at working professionals with four to five years experience.

Healthware CEO Roberto Ascione will serve as director of the program alongside Emanuele Lettieri, full professor of management of innovation in healthcare at the School of Management of the PoliMi.

“Training is very important, indeed essential in governing or participating in digital transformation,” Ascione writes in “The Future of Health”, his recent book on digital transformation in healthcare. “Today, within the academic journey, no actual cultural and technical training of this sort occurs; there is simply no digital training.”

Ascione and Lettieri hope to address this gap with the new programme, dubbed the Executive Programme in Digital Health & Innovation.

Healthware and PoliMi have shared the broad categories the course will cover. Topics to be addressed include the consumerization of healthcare, the impact of wearables and sensors, remote monitoring of patients, the telehealth landscape, telepharmacy, digital therapeutics and its regulatory implications, artificial intelligence in healthcare, how digital is affecting R&D, and new ways to create engagement with physicians.

Interested parties can learn more about the programme at its website or by attending a pharmaphorum webinar next week hosted by Editor in Chief Jonah Comstock.

This free, digital fireside chat will feature both Ascione and Lettieri discussing not only the programme, but the trends that will be covered in the programme and the factors that led them to team up on creating it.