EPG Health launches personalised HCP website Medthority

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Digital medical publisher EPG Health has launched a new independent website for doctors called Medthority.

It replaces the UK company’s previous website for healthcare professionals (HCPs), epgonline.org, and aims to offer value through an enhanced user experience.

Medthority was developed in partnership with software company Episerver to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled personalisation to deliver content based on a user’s profile, behaviour and peer activity.

EPG Health’s chief digital officer Ian Daley said: “Our research revealed that doctors considered epgonline.org a trusted learning environment, with the right educational content. However, benefits could be amplified by providing timely relevance in a crowded space, whilst majoring on the user experience.

“Drawing on 360-degree market feedback, and enabled through Episerver’s technology suite, we believe our new website will push boundaries for digital channel delivery within the pharmaceutical industry. This has become even more important, with HCP contact challenged by the COVID-19 epidemic.”

According to the company’s research, independent medical websites continue to be HCPs’ preferred channel for accessing clinical information, with 96% rating them ‘important’.

However, finding and consuming relevant and up-to-date information in the busy online medical space remains a challenge, with half citing ‘lack of time’ as a contributing factor.

Free to use and free of advertising, Medthority is funded through pharmaceutical grants and sponsorship for ‘Learning Zones’ and ‘Congress Zones’, with the former being funded by companies such as Pfizer, Novartis and AstraZeneca.