Boehringer, Seqster team-up on patient-centric, real-world studies


Seqster has attracted another pharma partner for its patient data technology, which aims to improve care through better access and understanding of patient-level real-world data (RWD).

Boehringer Ingelheim has signed a three-year agreement with the US startup for its Seqster operating system (SeqsterOS) and Digital Front Door platform, a portal that gathers together a patient's data and keeps it in a secure, anonymous format with control over its collection, ownership and sharing.

Researchers can use the resource – which harvests data from electronic health records (EHR), genetic information, wearables and lab results – for real world evidence (RWE), outcomes research, and drug development studies, said Seqster.

Providing a key endorsement for Seqster's approach, Boehringer's global head of RWE – Paul Petraro – said that the technology will help the company fulfil the need to "provide full transparency for patients who we engage with in all of our studies and trials."

"With the SeqsterOS we have a ready-to-go solution," he added. "Patient-centricity delivers high fidelity and high quality data. SeqsterOS will provide patient access and engagement with longitudinal RWD unlocking such previously unthinkable possibilities for Boehringer Ingelheim and the patients we serve."

Among the benefits claimed for SeqsterOS is reducing the time for consenting and onboarding patients during clinical trials, enhancing engagement with studies, and keeping all their data in one "comprehensive, longitudinal health record," according to the partners.

"Empowering patients with access to the Digital Front Door allows them to connect and engage with their data, leading to improved study retention as well as a willingness to consent to future studies," said Seqster's chief executive and co-founder Ardy Arianpour.

Seqster is also working with Japanese pharma group Takeda on patient-centric data projects, and is working with contract research organisation United BioSource (UBC) to offer its platform to biopharma clients.

The startup has also expanded the capabilities of its platform through partnerships, joining forces with Medable to combine their expertise in decentralised studies, connecting patients with investigators and trial sites, and layering real-world data into trial designs, as well as with patient recruitment specialist Trustr.