Bayer, One Drop launch AI tool for heart disease prevention


Bayer's two-year-old digital health collaboration with One Drop has borne its first fruit, an artificial intelligence-powered software module for preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The German pharmaceutical company has been working with New York-based One Drop on digital health products that span multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology and women's health as well as CVD in the alliance, which was expanded last year in a $98 million deal.

One Drop's CVD prevention module is a billed as a personalised digital health programme that combines connected medical devices, biometric analyses such as blood pressure and glucose levels, one-on-one coaching and heart health advice – all delivered and organised via an app.

The first iteration of the software is aimed at employer health plans, with a direct to consumer version due to be launched shortly, according to One Drop, which already offers an eponymous app to help people with diabetes manage their condition.

Bayer's chief information officer Jeanne Kehren said the module is "an important milestone in our joint endeavour with One Drop to make integrated care a transformative solution for the patients and a key player in the healthcare industry."

The CVD programme seeks to reduce the broader burden of disease for those at risk while lowering costs for employers and health plans, according to the partners.

The connected medical devices that can be used alongside the app – developed by smartwatch specialist Withings – measure variables like blood pressure and weight, alongside food, medication use, physical activity, glucose levels and haemoglobin A1c, which provides a measure of blood glucose control over time.

It also draws on behavioural therapy principles to guide users towards positive habits in weight management, physical activity, and diet for a heart-healthy life, as well as allowing them to track food intake including fibre and sodium.

The AI in the system was trained using more than One Drop's 30 billion health data points from millions of users of its glucose and blood pressure analyses.

Rachel Yap Martens, head of commercial strategy at One Drop, said: "By removing barriers to access to care and critical health information, One Drop instils confidence in our members, equipping them with the tools needed to make intelligent decisions, improve outcomes, and reach their full potential."