How manufacturing keeps pace with innovation in cell and gene therapy

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pharmaphorum podcast episode 110

Cell and gene therapies are one of the most fast-moving and paradigm-shifting areas in pharmaceutical development today, bringing curative treatments to patients for the first time for certain cancers and rare genetic diseases. But in order for these therapies to reach the patients that need them, the pace of the science needs to be matched by the pace of infrastructure to support it - including manufacturing infrastructure.

On today’s podcast, host Jonah Comstock is joined by Arturo Araya, EVP of commercialisation at Cellares, a company that is attempting to create a new kind of contract manufacturing organisation for the rapidly crystalizing world of cell and gene therapy.

Araya discusses Cellares’ three-pronged “Integrated Development and Manufacturing Organisation” approach that allows for mass customisation of intricate cell therapy manufacturers. He then digs into why the particular needs of the space necessitate this new approach and how his company is trying to future-proof for a space whose future is still in flux.

Check out this podcast for a peak into one possible future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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