Health Innovators – Søren Møller

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Health Innovators – Søren Møller

Søren Møller, managing partner for seed investments at Novo Holdings, believes successful start-ups in healthcare share a trifecta of component pieces: “great science, the right talent, and enough capital to succeed.” Skilled investors know how to identify the first, nurture the second, and provide the third. 

During a recent press visit to Copenhagen, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock spoke to Møller about his work and Novo Holdings’ investment philosophy. In this video, they discuss how impact investing and investing for a profit don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and the importance of building up an ecosystem for long-term, sustainable success.

They also talk a little bit about the unique relationship between Novo Nordisk, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and Novo Holdings, and discuss what Novo Nordisk’s recent good fortunes with Wegovy mean for the Foundation and for Møller’s work with Holdings. 

And don’t miss Møller’s advice for start-ups and his description of what sorts of things his team is on the lookout for. All this and more in the video below.

Editor’s Note: The Novo Nordisk Foundation provided lodging in and transportation to Copenhagen for our correspondent. The Foundation was not given any assurance of editorial coverage of the event, positive or negative, nor were they granted prior review of the any editorial materials.