The 2024 biopharma M&A landscape: An overview

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pharmaphorum podcast episode 115

It’s been a couple of months since pharma’s annual JP Morgan Chase Healthcare Conference, where the mood around pharma M&A this year was optimistic, albeit with a few caveats. On today’s podcast, host Jonah Comstock is joined by Cody Powers, principal of portfolio and business development at ZS Associates, to discuss those trends and predictions and how they’re shaking out so far.

Jonah and Cody get into why the M&A landscape has shifted in 2024 and what some of the different headwinds powering the increase in deals might be. They also discuss some related trends, like the gradually widening IPO window and the likely range of deal sizes, and they get into what some of the hotter areas are likely to be this year.

They also get into a number of external factors that could affect the environment, like action by the Federal Trade Commission, the Inflation Reduction Act, or the 2024 presidential election in the United States. And finally, for those of you less well-versed on this aspect of the industry, Powers lays out some of the basic dynamics at play when it comes to early and late-stage asset acquisition strategy.

Tune in to learn everything you always wanted to know about 2024 pharma dealmaking, but were afraid to ask.

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