Launch excellence in a disrupted world – challenges & opportunities

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Launch excellence in a disrupted world – challenges & opportunities


The launch environment has undergone huge changes as the pharmaceutical industry’s focus has moved from primary care to specialty launch, but its future will be transformed even more radically.

The advent of highly novel cell and gene therapies as well as prescription digital therapeutics is providing a serious set of forces for change in the market.

Another comes from the challenges developed markets face, which renews the urgency for pharma companies to spread their launch successes beyond traditionally core markets.

The pressures exerted by these forces require companies’ efforts in launch excellence to be able to ‘square the circle’ of better launch returns even as the launch environment becomes ever-more complex.

To make sense of this landscape, this pharmaphorum webinar – in association with IQVIA – looked at the past, present and future of pharmaceutical launches. The event took place on Wednesday 11th September from 11:00-12:00 BST.


  • Traditional launch approaches: In the past, launch was defined as being the first two years of a product’s existence on the market. This is still a crucial time for any product’s launch, however, in an increasingly multi-indicational world, for many products, launch is no longer a one-off event.
  • Current best practice in launch: Which launches have been the most commercially successful in recent years? By using IQVIA data the webinar will provide a unique view of the way in which commercial success has changed and look at what has driven the high-fliers.
  • Future of launch excellence. The nature of innovation is changing very rapidly, and with it, both what is defined as launch, and the key capabilities and resources required for excellent launches. IQVIA experts will outline how to prepare for the future of launch excellence.

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Our Panel

Markus Gores, Vice President, Thought Leadership, IQVIA

Markus Gores is responsible for conducting research into the latest trends shaping healthcare and development of strategic perspectives on their impact together with engaging senior leadership teams and healthcare stakeholders. Markus has over 20 years’ experience in life sciences, advising clients on a broad range of topics, including real-world evidence, launch readiness, go-to-market models, brand & commercial strategies and building enabling organisational capabilities. He has held previous executive leadership roles with IQVIA Real-World Insights and QuintilesIMS Consulting Services (formerly IMSCG). He previously worked at McKinsey & Company, Inc., in London, New York and Frankfurt; and in R&D with Hoechst/Aventis. His areas of expertise include RWE strategy, enabling capabilities & infrastructure for evidence generation, incl. platforms, brand and commercial strategy, go-to-market models, digital health, launch excellence, organisational design, transformation and capability building and post-merger integration.

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Yasemin Karanis, Consultant, European Thought Leadership, IQVIA

Yasemin Karanis is a Consultant in the European Thought Leadership team based in IQVIA’s London office. Her primary areas of focus are; trends in innovative launches as well as the oncology market with emphasis on clinical and commercial trends. Yasemin holds a Masters in Cancer Research and a Bachelor’s Science degree in Biomedical Sciences both from Newcastle University.

Prior to her role in Thought Leadership, Yasemin was part of the Real-World Insights – Global Oncology team where she worked on the co-ordination and set-up of client deliverables focusing on various cancers.

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Sarah Rickwood, Vice President, European Thought Leadership, IQVIA

Sarah Rickwood has 26 years’ experience as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in Accenture’s pharmaceutical strategy practice prior to joining IQVIA. She has an extremely wide experience of international pharmaceutical industry issues, having worked in most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies on issues in the US, Europe, Japan, and leading emerging markets, and is now Vice President, European Thought Leadership in IQVIA, a team she has run for 8 years. Sarah presents to hundreds of pharmaceutical industry clients every year on a wide range of global pharmaceutical industry issues, and has published white papers on many topics, including:

  • Uptake and impact of innovative medicines, and challenges for Launch Excellence
  • The relative strength and prognosis for the developed and the emerging pharmaceutical markets
  • Orphan drugs launch challenges
  • Cell and Gene therapies commercialisation challenges and opportunities

Sarah holds a degree in biochemistry from Oxford University.

launch excellenceAlexandra Smith, Consultant, European Thought Leadership, IQVIA

Alexandra Smith has been a consultant in the European Thought Leadership team at IQVIA since July 2015, working with IQVIA proprietary healthcare data to provide insights into market trends affecting the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Alexandra has focused on specific areas such as the diabetes market and the rise of multichannel marketing where she has published several key whitepapers. Prior to joining IQVIA, she obtained a Masters in Biochemistry and a PhD in Developmental Biology from Oxford University.

William McClellan, CoE Leader, Launch Excellence, USBU, IQVIA

Bill leads IQVIA’s Center of Excellence for Launch in the US. His current responsibilities include leading thought leadership efforts focused on launch excellence and supporting clients in their commercialization efforts. Bill has three decades of experience working with some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies. He is leader of a highly skilled research team in developing solutions that support sales, brand, product and market research objectives. At IQVIA’s Center of Excellence for Launch, McClellan has developed thought leadership focused on patient acquisition and prescriber adoption for launch brands; he has studied over 500 launches to identify drivers of performance.

Bill has an M.B.A. from Drexel University and a B.S. from St. Joseph’s University. His areas of expertise include

  • Launch Excellence
  • Business Strategy and Tactics
  • IQVIA data assets

He is an IQVIA data expert with a focus on patient acquisition and prescriber adoption for launch brands and a trusted advisor of multiple US launch teams.

Moderated by Paul Tunnah, CEO, pharmaphorum

Paul Tunnah is CEO and Founder of pharmaphorum media, which facilitates productive engagement for pharma, bringing healthcare together to drive medical innovation. It combines industry-leading content and social media engagement services with the globally recognised news, information and insight portal, working with pharmaceutical companies, service providers and broader healthcare organisations to help communicate their thought leadership and connect them with relevant stakeholders.

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