Welcome to the 6th Complement-based Drug Development Summit 2022

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Decipher Complement Pathway Intricacies, Validate Pathway Activation Assays & Discover Next-Generation Complement-Targeted Approaches that are Transforming Patient Outcomes

With promising clinical data, an increasing number of candidates progressing through the clinic and a rise in diseases where complement drugs are being applied, it's time to accelerate transformative complement-targeted approaches towards approval!

At this exciting time for the field, the 6th Complement-based Drug Development Summit returns to reunite large pharma, innovative biotechs and pioneering academics to explore the full range of next-generation complement-targeted technologies, and help you maximize the clinical and commercial success of complement proteins as pan-disease targets!

Join your peers to discuss the intricacies of complement signalling, promising complement targets beyond C3 and C5, translating preclinical research into phase 1a/b investigations, de-risking complement drugs in early trials for both chronic and rare/acute diseases, as well as validating biomarkers of complement activation.

Leverage key learnings and insights with 28+ expert speakers, a content-packed two-tracked agenda, a pre-conference workshop on complement in the neuro setting, and new content on the hottest areas of complement R&D.

As the growth potential of emerging complement-targeted therapeutics becomes a reality, this year’s meeting will be your most comprehensive guide for addressing the unique challenges of complement-based drug development, while facilitating meaningful partnerships to power up your market access strategies and pipelines and achieve your 2022/23 milestones.

Access the official agenda for more information.

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Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade