Advancing the Next Generation of Microbiome-Based Therapeutics in Asia

Microbiome Movement
17/09/2019 - 18/09/2019

Built in close collaboration with microbiome researchers in Asia including the Japan Microbiome Consortium, Korea Society of Gut Microbiome, KoBioLabs, Tokyo Institute of Technology and many more, the Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit arrives in Singapore for the first time to highlight the pioneering human microbiome research within Asia, identify novel product opportunities, and deliver a better future for healthcare.

By curating the leading minds from academia and industry in Asia, you will leave with comprehensive insights and updates on three key areas of translational microbiome research including:

  1. Microbiome Science, Mechanisms and Sequencing with expert insights from:
    • Changsoo Eun, Professor, Hanyang University College of Medicine
    • Heenam Stanley Kim, Professor, Korea Medical University
    • Hiroshi Ohno MD, Principal Investigator, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
    • Jongsik Chun, Professor, Seoul National University
    • Takuji Yamada, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  2. Therapeutic, Biomarker and Nutritional Applications from innovate start-ups including:
    • Jonathan Krive, CEO, AsiaBiome
    • Jae-Gu Pan, CTO, GenoFocus
    • Jisoo Park, Founder and CEO, Genome and Company
    • GwangPyo Ko, Founder and CEO, KoBioLabs
    • Shingo Arioka, Research Manager, Shionogi
  3. Policy, Regulation and Collaborations with case-studies from:
    • Suenie Park, Professor, Hallym University & Korea Society of Gut Microbiome
    • Senior Representative, Japan Microbiome Consortium
    • Lee Yuan Kun, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore & Asian Microbiome Project