6th Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit

6th Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit

Close the Clinical Gap, Discover the Next Generation of Microbiome-based Therapeutics, and Establish New Partnerships to Accelerate Your Research

The most comprehensive forum for microbiome drug developers, the Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit returns for its sixth iteration!

We will continue to unite forward-thinking researchers from the biopharmaceutical and academic communities to pursue the causal role of the microbiome in disease, making this the must-attend conference for those translating microbiome science into clinically successful therapeutics.

Our 65+ expert speaker faculty includes:

  • Matthew Henn, Executive VP & CSO, Seres Therapeutics
  • Ken Blount, CSO, Rebiotix
  • Gokul Swaminathan, Associate Principal Scientist, Investigational Biology, Merck Exploratory Science
  • Paul Carlson, Principal Investigator, FDA
  • Fyza Shaikh, Instructor, John Hopkins Medical School
  • Sonia Timberlake, VP, Research, Finch Therapeutics
  • Julie Schwedock, Associate Director, Microbial Development, Takeda
  • Taylor Cohen, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Andy Nuzzo, Computational Biologist, GSK
  • Emily Drabant Conley, CEO, Federation Bio
  • Bernat Olle, CEO, Vedanta Biosciences
  • Stephanie Culler, CEO, Persephone Biosciences

Although there has been recent late-stage clinical success, there still remains a number of challenges that need to be overcome in order for the potential of this complex science area to be realized. From understanding microbiome functionality, leveraging lessons from clinical development and scaling manufacturing processes, through to utilizing microbiome biomarkers for patient stratification and diagnostics, our discussion will cover the latest scientific findings and industry updates from the end-to-end development of microbiome therapeutics.

The 6th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit will provide the perfect opportunity for a collaborative approach to develop a new generation of microbiome-targeted therapeutics that improves patients lives.

Access the official agenda for more information.

Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

24 February, 2021