Reuters Pharma USA 2024 – Serena Goodwin

Serena Goodwin and Jonah Comstock interview at Reuters Pharma USA

AI is changing workflows for all kinds of pharma stakeholders, including sales representatives and medical affairs liaisons.

At last month’s Reuters Pharma USA conference in Philadelphia, pharmaphorum’s Jonah Comstock caught up with Serena Goodwin, a global account lead at STEM Healthcare, a division of Inizio, to talk about how AI is improving pharma sales.

Goodwin describes how AI can provide customer-facing teams and their leaders with insights that can help improve performance, and even help reps to train and role play before interacting with customers.

They also discuss some of the positive and negative effects of AI and big data when it comes to health equity and representation, and Goodwin shares some of her own conference highlights.

Tune in below for a look at the impact of technology on an important pharma function.