Reuters Pharma 2022 - medical affairs and technology with Lance Hill


During Reuters Pharma 2022, in Nice, France, pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh briefly spoke to Within3’s CEO Lance Hill, following his talk, “Medical affairs takes over: technologies to help unlock the power of insights and gain strategic ground”.

In the video below, Hill discusses the recent fusion of people and technology and how medical affairs can bring real-world insights and real-world science to the table, as well as real-time understanding. With AI now a buzzword, however, he cautions that focus needs to be on the how, as much as the what.

Further exploring the competing scientific narratives out there, including drug development conflicts, Hill urges an eventual future mind-sharing and – although not as yet ready to predict any future trends whilst at the Reuters Pharma event itself – happily discusses the potential ‘shark’ of complacency and converse ‘goldfish’ technology swimming around the field.