Powered by digital: driving transformation and innovation in healthcare

Driving transformation and innovation in healthcare

Digital health is transforming the way that we approach healthcare, but how can companies make the most of this new multi-channel engagement model? Dr Paul Tunnah sits down with a panel of experts at the 2021 Frontiers Health conference to learn more about innovation opportunities in the sector. There are very few instances where an entire industry is forced to reimagine its primary working model almost overnight. For healthcare, the arrival of Covid-19 was one such event. Confronted with the realities of operating amid a rapidly evolving pandemic, healthcare companies had to re-evaluate the role of technology in medicine. What followed was a flurry of activity in the digital space. Having been pushed to the side of future industry planning, smaller tech start-ups became a hot commodity for larger healthcare operations. Building on the initial progress made before the first outbreak of Covid-19, healthcare organisations were able to quickly accommodate the sudden loss of physical contact and communication. Bolstered by a wealth of evidence that digital technology can be a valuable tool for patients and practitioners, attention has turned to the challenge of building a sustainable healthcare model beyond the bubble of Covid-19. Speaking at the 2021 Frontiers Health conference in Milan, a panel of experts including global head of digital transformation & innovation execution at Novartis, Christian Hein, vice-president business strategy & commercial excellence for Boston Scientific EMEA Rodamni Peppa, Lundbeck vice-president digital & head of global customer engagement Danilo Pagano and Pfizer global head of digital marketing and digital health CoE John Gordon, gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges of bringing digital health tools to the masses. • Read the full article in pharmaphorum's Deep Dive digital magazine