Leveraging data and AI for clinical trial success

pharmaphorum podcast Episode 141a

Over 90% of experimental therapies that reach human trials fail to make it to market.

In today’s pharmaphorum podcast, Orr Inbar, co-founder and CEO of QuantHealth, a Tel Aviv-based AI-powered clinical trial design company, discusses how advances in data and AI can help.

This includes cost-effectiveness. Ever a ‘game’ of risk-and-reward, leveraging data and technology can increase clinical trial success rates, bringing down the failure rate some 20%, potentially.

Also discussing the differing markets in the US and Israel, Inbar notes how biotech has tended to lag behind in Israel, whilst cyber industry has always been strong, and now the time is right for seeking incubator funding.

Clinical trial enrolment and recruitment a key issue today, Inbar posits that the future that patient identification for eligibility for trials will soon ameliorate, and within 10 years patients become completely digital and synthetic, in terms of data facilitating external control arms.

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