Key themes from JP Morgan

pharmaphorum podcast episode 109

pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock is back from San Francisco, where he attended the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. In today’s podcast episode, guest host Eloise McLennan interviews him about what he saw and heard at the show.

They dive in a bit deeper on some of the insights from Comstock’s wrap-up column, discussing AI, big tech, and a coming boom in M&A. But they also hit several other topics that didn’t make the cut in the column, from GLP-1 weight loss drugs to the Inflation Reduction Act, one year (and change) later.

They also talk a little bit about areas that are heating up, like women’s health, and ongoing concerns such as how regulators are responding to technological changes.

Tune in for a succinct, but wide-ranging report on the biggest pharma business show of the year.

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