Health Innovators – Ardy Arianpour

pharmaphorum Health Innovators

In this episode of Health Innovators, Paul Tunnah, Healthware’s chief content officer, sits down with Ardy Arianpour, CEO & co-founder of SEQSTER.

“Innovation is meaningless without execution.” It’s a bold statement from Ardy, but one that perfectly encapsulates his attitude towards his role at the helm of SEQSTER. A self-described “always learning student” of entrepreneurship, his fearless approach to business is evident.

Together, Ardy and Paul discuss how SEQSTER became the Napster of healthcare, the importance of breaking down data siloes, and how an unexpected meeting with Bill Gates changed his outlook on entrepreneurship and sparked a new direction for SEQSTER.

Check out the video below to learn more about the company’s 360-degree approach to aggregating health data sources and what it’s like to get advice from the world’s richest man.


10 February, 2023