Frontiers Health 2023: Hakim Yadi, Closed Loop Medicine

FH23 Hakim Yadi Closed Loop Medicine

In Rome for Frontiers Health 2023, a global health conference focused on digital therapies, breakthrough technologies, and healthcare transformation, web editor Nicole Raleigh sat down with Hakim Yadi, CEO and founder of Closed Loop Medicine, to discuss the very real need for personalised medicine.

Having given Day One’s plenary keynote, on the cruciality of getting the dose of a medicine correct, Yadi discussed further how personalised dosing can be done, using machine learning to optimise the data, the importance of gathering real-time feedback, and bettering outcomes for patients.

In short, a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply isn’t working. But when it comes to existing medicines used today, just how rarely is drug therapy dosing optimised for an individual?

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