Epiphany moments in an industry starved of insights

pharmaphorum podcast episode 86a

Back in March at Reuters Pharma Barcelona, pharmaphorum’s web editor Nicole Raleigh met up with CEO of Within3, Lance Hill.

Having first connected the year previously, at Reuters Pharma Nice in 2022, it was interesting to ‘get up to speed’ a year later. Discussing how the industry is ‘starved’ of insights – with so much data from so many sources, fragmented, regional, and disconnected, that decisions cannot be reached in the timeframes necessary – Hill defined insights as the epiphany moments; what permit the right actions and determine the trajectory of a therapy.

Also talking about the commercial aspect of drug development and productivity and direct-cost savings, they touched upon the 40 different tools in the Within3 system, the virtual advisory board function being the tool used most often – almost an online university type environment, no matter the time-zone or language.

Finally, Hill describes how artificial intelligence permits the sector his company operates in to ‘slice and dice’ and automate, summarising vast amounts of information very quickly indeed. Perhaps even permitting one to walk across the street to the beach in confidence…

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