Digital health innovation: Applications across the patient journey

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Digital health innovation (DHI) is a growing category of technologies that connect healthcare stakeholders and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

From patient apps and telemedicine services to disease monitoring systems and digital therapeutics, DHI solutions leverage data and technology to improve the quality and accessibility of care. These solutions can add value across patient journeys and therapeutic areas, but challenges to adoption remain.

In this white paper, Digital health innovation: How to realise technology’s full potential across the patient journey, four experts from the HEALTHINKERS advisory board discuss the growth of DHI, its role in patient care, and why patient centricity and evidence generation are key to DHI achieving its potential.

Read the white paper for perspectives from healthcare leaders committed to designing the next generation of DHI to benefit patients everywhere, shared at Frontiers Health 2023: Dr Nana Bit-Avragim (EIT Health; DHL), Prof Jean Bousquet (Charité Universitätsmedizin; Clinical and Translational Allergy), Prof Stefano Omboni (Italian Institute of Telemedicine; Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University), and Dr Paul Tunnah (ex-Healthware Group, which is now part of EVERSANA INTOUCH).


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HEALTHINKERS, curated by EVERSANA INTOUCH, and sponsored by Menarini, is an advisory board composed of multidisciplinary healthcare leaders who are committed to designing the future of health and building the next generation of DHI to benefit patients around the world.

The HEALTHINKERS mission is to:

  1. Collaborate with experts and stakeholders in designing innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.
  2. Create a better future for healthcare by embracing digital innovation, new technologies, and novel ideas.




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