Can VR technology make physical therapy fun? – the pharmaphorum podcast


In the newest episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, editor in chief Jonah Comstock chats with Gita Barry, EVP and GM of Immersive Healthcare at Penumbra, a therapeutic VR company. Penumbra uses VR to improve the physical therapy experience – both making it more fun for patients and delivering certain types of therapy, like mirror therapy, more effectively than traditional PT methods. Gita discusses how the full control over the environment that VR gives can help a PT patient to feel more comfortable and make gradual progress toward their goals. She also describes how the data from a VR headset can be used to improve tracking patient progress across multiple sessions. Finally, Gita and Jonah discuss some of the other potential future applications of VR technology – including in the pharma world. You can listen to episode 69 of the pharmaphorum podcast in the player below, download the episode to your computer or find it – and subscribe to the rest of the series in iTunesSpotifyStitcher and Podbean.