Building a digital therapeutic for paediatric behavioural health – the pharmaphorum podcast


On the latest instalment of the pharmaphorum podcast, editor in chief Jonah Comstock hosts Dr Benny Alouf, chief medical officer at Limbix to discuss his company’s digital therapeutic for teen depression.

Benny discusses SparkRx, Limbix’s product, and how it works, addressing the current regulatory landscape, how digital therapeutics interact with talk therapy and traditional therapeutics, and why it’s important to build a bespoke product for teens.

More broadly, Benny and Jonah look at some of the challenges still facing digital therapeutics in the market today, including the difficulty of securing reimbursement for these products, despite interest from providers, patients, and the health system as a whole.

Behavioural health treatment shortages are a major problem, and new digital technology can help, but only if these barriers can be overcome.

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