Avoiding the data swamp: The transformative power of AI

pharmaphorum podcast episode 122a

It goes without saying that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), generative AI (GenAI), and large language models (LLMs) are already transforming industry, refining and accelerating the way pharmaceuticals are designed and made.

Here, host Nicole Raleigh speaks (virtually) with Nathan Clark, founder and CEO of Ganymede, a modern data platform and Cloud infrastructure for science, to discuss the evolving role of the Cloud in biopharma and some rather revolutionary tools in AI drug discovery.

Big pharma’s getting off paper into more centralised systems, undertaking digital transformation, has been taking place for around five years now, but Clark sees two axes of how digitalisation can really assist, beyond the paper to glass shift: by avoiding the data swamp when it comes to data capture, decaying due to a lack of context, and truly helping scientists through automation, rather than moving simply from paper to data entry. Therein is the transformative power, and it is in this area that Ganymede operates.

Building a richer picture of the data, after all, drives greater insights, and those insights progress towards critical innovation.

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