Connecting the dots: Analysing the power of customer relationships



Our research shows that more than 70% of life sciences executives believe the behaviour of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) is heavily influenced by their relationship with other HCPs and HCOs. But only 30% are currently using digital or automated relationship/network insights to complement limited internal knowledge.

As the complexity of relationship networks between HCPs, HCOs and budgetary decision-makers intensifies, understanding the influential parties involved in a product’s lifecycle, and ultimately its success, has never been more important.

To better understand the value of customer relationship networks to life sciences organisations, and how they are tackling the challenge of integrating digital insights into their network mapping, Zephyr Health in partnership with pharmaphorum conducted a survey across over 100 industry executives working in brand and commercial roles.

The result is a new report, entitled “Connecting the dots: Analyzing the power of customer relationships”, which delves into the current outlook toward customer relationship analytics, when and how the life sciences can apply the insights they bring, and where the industry still needs to evolve to fully embrace them.

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  • How customer networks and the relationships that underpin them are a critical differentiator for successful brands
  • The possibilities when analytical approaches to understanding networks and customer relationships go beyond current approaches
  • Solutions for unlocking the power of network influencers