Can simulated datasets unlock the potential of patient data?

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Patient level data offers the promise of insights which can craft new and better pathways, enable development of innovative therapies and treatments, and of course identify and prevent diseases much earlier in their lifecycle.

One area of particular interest is cancer. However, in trying to realise the potential, the health sector is faced with the conundrum of protecting patients’ identities, while at the same time allowing doctors access to their data and enabling industry to benefit from vital insights into the disease.

This presents a paradox, as the UK has some of the best healthcare data in the world, however, accessing the data can be challenging and time consuming due to patient confidentiality checks.

So, what is the solution?

IQVIA brings a unique perspective to this event, having partnered with Health Data Insight to develop an innovative solution to this seemingly intractable problem: Simulacrum, a database comprised of only artificial data that is modelled on real patient data collected by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) in England.

Simulacrum has already produced identical results to the real data when predicting incidence of tumours in the population, whilst simultaneously removing any risk of breaching patient confidentiality.

In this webinar, IQVIA and pharmaphorum will also provide advice to industry, patient advocacy groups and healthcare professionals on how to leverage Simulacrum, and utilise this simulated dataset to facilitate access to England’s world-leading healthcare data, while complying with regulations designed to protect and maintain individual confidentiality.


On Tuesday 27th November from 14:00-15:00 GMT (10:00-11:00 EST) we hosted a digital debate delving into what can, and is, being done to leverage this deep resource, solve this critical data conundrum and analyse the potential benefits that lie ahead.

By attending this event you will be able to interact with the panel and learn about:

  • What is simulated data and how does it benefit patients and cancer care?
  • Why should researchers and life sciences use simulated data?
  • Why is it important to share data?
  • How sharing data supports bigger, broader cancer initiatives (such as Simulacrum)
  • Establishing Simulacrum as a test environment for real-world studies
  • Using Simulacrum to generate valuable real-world insights that support health outcomes research and drug development

To view the debate on demand, please click here or on the button above or below.


Our senior panel includes:

Jem Rashbass simulated datasets webinarJem Rashbass, Medical Director, Health Data Insight

Jem Rashbass studied medicine at University College London, was a graduate student of Professor Sir John Gurdon in Cambridge, then trained in diagnostic pathology, becoming a clinical academic dividing his time between clinical work and the creation of the Clinical and Biomedical Computing Unit at Cambridge University.

In 2003 he became head of the Eastern Cancer Registry and Information Centre, a post he held in conjunction with the leadership of the East of England Cancer Screening Quality Assurance Service. In April 2013 he was appointed National Director for Disease Registration in PHE responsible for the 300 staff in National Disease Registration; in January 2016 he also combined the oversight of the cancer analysis functions to create the new National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service for England.

Chris Carrigan simulated datasets webinarChris Carrigan, Patient Advocate, use MY data

Chris Carrigan is a specialist in health data and information, but with a particular focus on patient involvement and patient power. Chris is Expert Data Adviser to the use MY data patient movement. He was appointed in February 2018 as a Rutherford Fellow to work in the area of patients and data for HDR-UK, based at the University of Leeds MRC Bioinformatics Centre. Chris has significant experience in influencing national policy in medical informatics and research and has a respected national profile in leading patient and public engagement exercises. In 2014 he was named as one of the Health Service Journal’s Top 50 Innovators in the NHS for his innovative and collaborative approach to patient empowerment, and featured on BBC Radio 4’s Networking Nation series. Until August 2018 Chris was the inaugural Chair of an advisory group for NHS Digital, IGARD - the Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data.

Adam Reich simulated datasets webinarAdam Reich, Principal, IQVIA

Adam is a Principal in IQVIA’s Real-World Insights team covering the UK and Ireland. He is responsible for the development of IQVIA’s core offerings and services related to the use of the Simulacrum, establishing this new and innovative dataset as a valuable source for generating real-world oncology insights, and increasing industry awareness of IQVIA’s expertise and leading-edge capabilities in this area.

With 15 years of experience in the health care data industry, and a proficiency in complex, data-driven information products, he has launched successful health care data initiatives supporting a wide variety of pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care businesses. Previously, Adam worked as an Engagement Manager in IQVIA’s US-based Oncology Center of Excellence covering a variety of accounts. In that role, he developed and delivered custom analyses using anonymous patient-level data sourced from various IQVIA US data assets (medical claims, pharmacy claims, sales data and electronic medical records) to address oncology-specific evidence needs and business objectives.

Additionally, Adam has co-authored numerous industry publications and data methodologies on a range of oncology subjects. Prior to joining IQVIA, Adam was Director of Statistical Publications at Forte Information Resources, Denver, Colorado (USA) where he managed the development of strategic health care data reports and analyses for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and government organisations. Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont.

Dominic Tyer pharmaphorumDominic Tyer, Creative Director, pharmaphorum (moderator)

Dominic Tyer is a trained journalist and editor with 19 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare publishing experience. He serves as a contributing editor at pharmaphorum media, which facilitates productive engagement for pharma, bringing healthcare together to drive medical innovation. He is also creative director at the company’s specialist healthcare content consultancy, pharmaphorum connect.


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