If you enjoy reading the content on pharmaphorum and want to get more actively involved there are a number of ways you can contribute. Publishing on pharmaphorum is a great way to put yourself in front of our sizeable global pharma audience.

Facilitating the sharing of thought leadership and innovation, which helps the pharma industry adapt and progress, is the very lifeblood of pharmaphorum. It is also a powerful means to demonstrate your expertise and build strong business relationships.

“A whisper of wisdom can rise above the noise of the crowd”

If you are looking to share your ideas with our global audience, this can be achieved in a number of ways:

Publishing articles

We publish exclusive thought leadership articles every week and promote them to our global audience via the website, email and our social media channels. Contributions can be made on an ad-hoc basis or regularly as part of a series, we can also help in producing articles if necessary.

If you are interested in providing exclusive, high-quality non-commercial content for our channels then we invite you to get in touch.

For more information on how to contribute articles, call +44 (0)1932 359201 or email linda@pharmaphorum.com.

To submit industry focused stories which you would like considered for inclusion in our news streams please email editorial@pharmaphorum.com.

Publishing media

We also feature deeper media on pharmaphorum including white papers, audio pieces (interviews and webinars) and video, including interviews, montages, animations and round table debates. All media published via pharmaphorum must meet our strict editorial guidelines, but can be re-used following an initial publication period on our site, extending the life of your content.

For more information on how to contribute deeper media, click here or call +44 (0)1932 339263 or email adam@pharmaphorum.com.

We can produce top quality, bespoke content for you (for our channels or others as required). Again, for more details please contact adam@pharmaphorum.com

If you are interested in direct outreach to our audience or advertising in our channels you can find more information here or contact us directly.

Partner content

We appreciate that you may also have media you wish to publish with us, which is of real value to our audience but does not quite fit the standard pharmaphorum editorial guidelines and therefore have an effective solution for this.

We offer a service which allows you to directly upload appointments, events or press releases/articles to our audience (appointment news has no cost, events and PR/articles carry a small fee), where they are placed within dedicated sections and made available across the website.

To take advantage of our global audience and strong search visibility, call +44 (0)1932 339263, email adam@pharmaphorum.com.

Over the course of the year we focus on different disease area topics and pharma disciplines. However, content does not need to be exclusively aligned with these and we continually feature general content addressing all pharma issues.

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