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The pharmaceutical industry is still picking its way through the debris of the pandemic but the gloom can be illuminated by the power of coaching to drive connections and value.

It is clear that sales forces and MSL teams need to enhance their skills to make every second of their precious time in front of HCPs count. They are facing unprecedented challenge as traditional routes evaporate which means they need to be pitch perfect when they have a window of attention either in person or across digital channels.

A fresh whitepaper from 60 Seconds – The Age of Coaching – examines the importance of enshrining coaching in an organisation’s structure and how it can drive dividends across business metrics and employee performance and satisfaction.

The report features input from business leaders on how they have empowered sales and MSL teams to higher performance with new skills, coaching support and feedback that is embedded in their and their managers’ roles.

The drastically reshaped post-pandemic landscape will be home ground to field operators who have the skills to deliver lasting value to HCPs and are agile enough to meet shifting and nuanced demands.

It demonstrates that coaching can be an affordable element of an organisation’s DNA and help shape a new era of energised sales and MSL teams with problem-solving mindsets that are a genuine, and welcomed, asset for HCPs.

Companies that are investing time and resources are reaping impressive balance sheet rewards as well as forging transformative interactions with clients that survive and prosper in the digital age.

This whitepaper welcomes you to the Age of Coaching.

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