Patient centricity: How does Boehringer Ingelheim UK measure up?

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Patient centricity is a subject that is massively talked about but few can 'walk the talk'. Fewer still can demonstrate what that walk has achieved and where it is headed.

In 2015 Boehringer Ingelheim UK set out on a pioneering journey with two clear aims in mind. One was to define what it means for a pharmaceutical company to be patient centric and, the second, to generate a broad set of internal and external measures to systematically quantify that. These measures can be seen as not only a statement of what the company stands for in terms of its commitment to patients but also a barometer of how the company is performing in this respect and how it can become more proficient in the future.

A white paper discussing the benchmarking initiative, looking at its conception and goals was published last September and can be viewed here. This new white paper presents the six core principles of patient centricity and how they will be measured.

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9 February, 2016