Next-generation brand launches: Global health data and insights can transform your business

Life Sciences companies face challenges today in achieving their revenue forecast and return on investment from brand launches. Much of this is driven by access to critical data, and their ability to integrate disparate data into meaningful insights.

With over 400 new pharmaceutical products coming to market between 2014 and 2017, Life Sciences companies – pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical device companies – are under even more pressure to conduct better, more targeted, and efficient brand launches as they make up for patent expiration and other top-line pressures.

At the same time, healthcare data is one of the fastest-growing areas of the digital universe, growing at 48% per year, which means that the opportunity to leverage this data to improve the strategic planning for the launch of a brand or new product is growing. In reality, the greatest value lies in only 3.1% of this healthcare data; so how can Life Sciences leaders develop a strategy to improve data sourcing, analytical sophistication and delivery of insights to reduce risk and increase probability of success in their next launch?

This was the challenge that Zephyr Health wanted to explore in a recent data survey with Life Sciences executives. The survey, managed in collaboration with pharmaphorum, explored the challenges associated with accessing, analyzing, and using global health data, including novel real-world data sources, for brand success both today and in the future. The key findings and opportunities from the survey are outlined in this white paper.