How to identify and engage with digital opinion leaders

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The industry has long sought the insight and advice of revered, influential figures. Typically, these key opinion leaders (KOLs) are researchers, physicians, or other healthcare providers (HCPs) that hold high levels of expertise in their respective fields.

However, as the industry moves to occupy more virtual spaces, a new breed of industry influencers has emerged – digital opinion leaders (DOLs). There’s one crucial differentiator between DOLs and their traditional forebears: DOLs have global reach, with networks spanning thousands of people. but they aren’t quite as easy to recognise.

In a this new eBook, Digital Opinion Leaders: Where, Who, and How, Within3 provides an in-depth guide to help companies understand how they can factor DOLs into their strategic plans and keep ahead of their competitors. You will learn:

  • What is a digital opinion leader?
  • How to identify digital opinion leaders
  • How to engage digital opinion leaders
  • How to use digital opinion leaders

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19 April, 2022