How pharma Tweetchats can drive healthcare innovation

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During the course of 2013 Boehringer Ingelheim explored the use of multi-way communication on Twitter, via Tweetchats, as a means to better understand disease area issues and directly connect with key healthcare stakeholders. In this exclusive white paper, its corporate social media team share their views on how Tweetchats can drive pharma innovation.

In 2013, Boehringer Ingelheim took its first steps into the world of Tweetchats, running these 'online Twitter conferences' in a number of disease areas, including atrial fibrillation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and lung cancer. Despite the regulatory challenges posed by such activities, these were all successful, both in terms of delivering value on all sides and for staying compliant.

In this exclusive white paper, the Boehringer Ingelheim corporate social media team (Patricia Alves and Jaclyn Fonteyne) share their perspectives on what has been learned from conducting these Tweetchats, what is key to running a successful one and where they see the future of such activities. The conclusions are clear – there is value in pharma-sponsored Tweetchats for healthcare providers, patient advocates and pharma, with Tweetchats sure to be an integral part of industry communications in 2014 and beyond.

Read this white paper from Boehringer Ingelheim to understand:

• What a Tweetchat is and why they are important for pharma

• The essential steps to planning a successful Tweetchat

• Statistics around prior Tweetchats and measures of success

• Views on the future of Tweetchats within the broader pharma and healthcare space

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29 April, 2014