Digital excellence in the global pharmaceutical industry in 2014

As pharmaceutical companies all look to step up their digital capabilities, this survey of digital leaders from across big pharma, exclusively first published on pharmaphorum, reveals an interesting picture of how digitally mature pharma is, who is leading and the challenges faced by individual organisations.

In surveying digital leaders from across the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, this survey builds a picture of how digitally mature the industry is, and the specific challenges individual companies are facing in developing their capabilities. Companies are assessed at every stage of digital maturity, from assessment and launch stage, through to accelerating and optimising capabilities. With direct input from within these organisations, the survey builds a fascinating picture of the current state of digital pharma.

Read this white paper from DT Associates, featuring exclusive new research, to understand:

• How the top pharma companies are ranking for digital maturity

• Who is leading the way when it comes to digitally-enabled pharma

• What factors define how digitally mature pharma companies are

• What challenges are being faced by big pharma in digital strategy and implementation

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