An integrated digital ecosystem to support patient outcomes, health-system sustainability, and return on investment

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Demand for improved pharmaceutical care that enhances the patient experience is ever increasing, and meanwhile outcomes-based medicine has become a key focus for health authorities around the world. These heightened expectations post a challenge for pharmaceutical companies. How can the industry provide an enhanced experience that increases patient engagement while balancing the requirements for treatments and associated services to be cost-effective enough in today’s tough pricing environment?

Connected health is a solution to many of the challenges facing pharmaceutical companies today. Through careful employment of digital technologies throughout the pharmaceutical landscape, a connected and user-friendly ecosystem can be created that not only cost-effectively engages patients of all ages and circumstances, but vastly improves adherence levels and encourages patients to become personally invested in their own disease management.

This white paper demonstrates how technological expertise can be applied to existing pharmaceutical products through the introduction of mobile-enabled platforms, packaging solutions and other digital inserts to create a connected healthcare environment that is both encouraging and helpful to the patient, and provides healthcare professional with the information they need to best ensure a positive outcome.