5 big challenges for pharmaceutical marketers (and their agencies)

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For the patient demanding access to the latest medicine or the healthcare professional desperate to be able to use a new advance in treatment, every extra day, week or month waiting counts.

The pharmaceutical industry, striving to meet these needs, is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing access to new and innovative medicines for those in need, on time and through the right distribution channels.

But, as Risks to patient outcomes: why pharma marketing matters, a new white paper from Tag, explains, pharmaceutical marketers (and their agencies) face five big challenges:

  1. Promotional mistakes that cost patient outcomes as well as money
  2. Creating and optimising meaningful one-to-one communications
  3. Achieving quicker speed-to-market and better launch excellence
  4. Creating engaging HCP educational material that cuts through the noise
  5. Aligning internal teams around increasingly complex external stakeholder ecosystems

After outlining these challenges for pharma marketers, the publication’s author Robb DeFilippis suggests a series of solutions to help accelerate time-to-market for new and updated materials.

An accomplished marketing operations executive at Tag with 25 years of experience, DeFilippis addresses the transformation of the environment within which pharmaceutical companies operate and how it’s being driven by the speed of medical innovation, digital progress and stakeholder needs.

One way to do this is for pharmaceutical marketers to move out of the day-to-day ‘delivery’ mode and embrace new ways of working, technologies and processes to ensure success.

The challenges are not inconsiderable, but neither are they insurmountable – and the solutions to them are clear.

They require strategic input and the alignment of content creation and delivery processes to ensure disease state and brand messages are delivered in a coordinated way to customers from different internal silos working with different agencies.

Working in this way not only delivers more efficient pharma marketing, but also better patient outcomes, ensuring everybody wins.

The whitepaper can be accessed here or by clicking on the buttons above or below.