Digital patient solutions: the secret to delivering and securing adoption

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The pharmaceutical industry faces a perfect storm, with unsustainable growth in healthcare costs, increasing costs of drug discovery, and the shift to a value-based payment model.

Focusing on a drugs-based business model alone will not solve these problems and harnessing the possibilities afforded by digital technology will be a core component of recalibrating pharma’s thinking.

A new white paper, Digital patient solutions: the secret to delivering and securing adoption, provides practical advice on how to ensure new digital solutions address real unmet needs in the context of existing healthcare delivery systems.

For a digital patient solution to be successful initial adoption must take place, patients must choose to incorporate it into their clinical care, it must produce usable data for their physician or care team, and it must be capable of being integrated into existing care pathways and healthcare systems.

As pharma companies grapple with healthcare’s stormy weather, there is a wealth of opportunities for digital patient solutions that do just this.

They require new approaches to developing digital patient solutions with a focus on understanding the needs of all stakeholders. Pharma companies also need to know how digital solutions will integrate with healthcare systems, and what will motivate sustained usage of the solution post-launch.

This white paper will provide practical advice, starting with first identifying the problem, if any, what possible solutions could be developed, and if any of those solutions will deliver value or serve an unmet need.

In doing so it explains how to identify a ‘core adoptable solution’ and will also illuminate the secret to ensuring successful adoption and sustained usage of digital patient solutions.

The white paper can be accessed here or by clicking on the buttons above or below.